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My '67 Fleetside C10 renew

I've got a C10 project started and thought I'd share. I look forward to any help or advice I can get and also hope to pass along what I learn in the process.

The objective is a driver. The budget is under $10K (how far under depends on who you talk to!). The drivetrain is to be small block and M21. Wheels will be 5 on 5 15" rallies. Ride height is being debated, but for sure will run on drop spindles and springs.

So far we've got the rear in process and hope to have the major stuff painted by next weekend. I have yet to really determine what I need for the rear end and maybe you folks can clear it up for me?

The way I understand it is that a disc brake conversion will widen the track by 1-1/2". I also believe that a '71-'72 12 bolt is also 1-1/2" wider and is already 5 on 5. Will that rear end bolt in without mods? Is that what I should be looking for, or should I be getting new axles?

What drop spindles should I get? Not necessarily ride height, but model year for disc brakes. If I get spindles for '71-'72, will I only then need donor rotors and calipers? Will those spindles bolt up?

Thanks in advance!
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