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Re: My '67 Fleetside C10 renew

Found a guy parting a '71 Burban C10

3.73 posi rear - I think he means that Gov-Lock locking diff like I have in my K30. Prolly don't want that do I? He wants $200, which I think is a little steep. Local U-Pick bone yard is $90 for a rearend, but they don't have what I need currently. Should I snag this one or keep looking?

Power steering box - little trimming on the bumper bracket and it'll bolt in right?

Rear chrome bumper for $100 - bolt on right?

Rotors and calipers for the "adapter spindles" I'm getting. Should I snag the brake lines or is there something better? Should I get the prop valve?

What else else would be good pickins?
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