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Re: L29 454 Build for '63 K15 with NV4500

As I look at this a little more, Im seeing that I may want to reuse the existing heads since most of the other heads that I would be looking at would either require a piston change (which Im not opposed to) or start the ball rolling for other modifications for which I wouldn't really see much benefit in the rpm range that Im intending to run it in. Ive also read that the chamber is a really great design that works well with 30 deg. max timing.
I think that any cam that I will be looking at will require adjustable rocker studs to be installed with heavier springs to match.
At this point the plan has been scaled back to simply tear down, re ring and bearings (if the crank and cylinders measure good), and minor grinding of the sharp edges in the chambers a good valve job that will include any work needed to run the cam that will let the heads work their best.
The headers are a must and it may see bigger injectors and a tune.
Does anyone have any thoughts on changing the crank reluctor ring to allow the use of a coil per cylinder set up? Worth any gains?

Im all ears and appreciate any input from anyone with any experience with the big block Vortecs.

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