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Re: 68 C10 Yellow wire from firewall to starter/coil.

Originally Posted by ymi5150? View Post
my concern is around the yellow wire. my understanding is that it receives 12v starter solenoid is engaged. is that correct? any experience here?
The yellow wire gets 12v from the large gauge positive cable when the starter solenoid is engaged. This sends a full 12V to the points distributor coil during start. When the key is in the on position and starter solenoid no longer engaged, the resistor wire from the bulkhead connector sends a reduced amount of voltage to the coil. If you have upgraded to an HEI distributor you feed it with a non-resistor wire a full 12V from the bulkhead connector or from a spot on the fuse block that has key-on power, and then you don't need the yellow wire that goes between the starter and coil any more, you can remove it or cut it off and tape it up.

Here is a thread that shows what the resistor wire looks like, and also talks a little about the yellow wire.
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