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Re: 68 C10 Yellow wire from firewall to starter/coil.

Haha thanks for scribing that down Brian! it sounds like you have similar luck as me for time and place of breakdowns...except it isnít nearly as hot and thereís hardly any traffic up here.

I didnít pay a ton for my distributor from eBay vendor skipwhite, so it might also be Chinese crap, hopefully find out shortly now that I know how to wire the ignition. I ended up with a Pertronix flamethrower 1 , so thatís good to know about not leaving the key on while engines not running. Sounds like I should keep a spare coil and control module in the glovebox. Thanks again for all the help.


Originally Posted by '68OrangeSunshine View Post
Hey Dracko, I'm posting here BC I'm having problems with my PM Inbox.
Here's the message I had to crib by hand onto an envelope so the PM system didn't wipe it out after not letting me send.
"...Hi Dan,
The Pertronix unit works best with a matching Pertronix coil. Ignitor II + Flamethrower II. [Or is it a Hellfire?] EBay vendors are all lying dogs.
Don't leave an Ignitor [I] in the switched ON position for long w/o starting engine. It'll burn out. Ignitor II's are immune.
I ran an Ignitor II on the 292 in my '68 C/10 Stepside for about 7 years, then I had problems at freeway speeds. Whole engine circuit quit at 60 - 65 MPH -- in gear -- engine cold milling -- no spark. I'd have to cut Ign Sw OFF, then ON, slow to 55 - 50 MPH and pop start in 4th gear. [I think that caused some bent exhaust valve spring issues later.]
And always at rush hour with some yuppie jerk uptight on my 6 O'Clock -- wondering why I suddenly slowed down, and using his horn to let me know that I've inconvenienced him.
Could've been the extreme desert heat in Southern AZ.
Could've been the parts sitting on my shop shelf without AC for years before trying it out.
Could've been spiking voltages from a runaway EVR/Alternator.
Worked OK at city traffic speeds, but flunked State Emissions.
I emailed a Pertronix' tech rep, and he said 'send it in'. So I did. Never heard back.
I went back to Points for over a year. Glad I did not root out my old Yellow 20 or Resistor wires.
Then I got an HEI unit for my 292 L6. Chinese dud straight out of the box. No good warranty. Left a scathing review on Amazon for "Assault Racing" but the damn chinks only changed the company name. Still selling junk.
I was able to rebuild the L6 billet aluminum HEI distributor body, but now with all AC Delco or other premium US components. Went to a ''low-boy'' remote HEI coil for a Model Year 1977 Chevy C/10 w/ 292 L6. Basically a stock GM HEI.
Working good, except last December, without clue or warning it just shut down in traffic. Downtown and on the way to work of course. Killed a day of work. But it was only the ignition module, a $15 part at any auto parts store.
After a wild goose chase R+R'ing a perfectly good US-made Carter fuel pump for a Korean one -- we found out it was really an ignition gripe. Changed out the Module with the fresh spare from my glove box, and Bang! It started and purred. Up and running once again.
When Pertronix works, they're great. When they don't you're on a long quest for parts.
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