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Re: locking hood latch, 67 - 72

Originally Posted by doowoppwer View Post
LMC carries a locking hood latch for the 67 - 72 pickups. It's year specific. $100
I have one installed..I need to send pics showing what my builder devised to release the safety latch under the hood after you've pulled the hood lever under the dash..He made a foot pedal on a rod to reach up to the latch (works great)... You can always cut a slot in the top part of the grille wide enough for your fingers to reach in to the latch. I seen a picture and didn't like that option..
OR you will have to get on your knees and reach up to the safety latch..
Hope this is understandable before you buy one..I really like having my hood locked.

Warning!! I will not guarantee i can send pictures..I always have problems. So I hope y'all
can picture what I've tried to explain
Just realized that there shouldn't a problem with certain original grilles

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