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Re: 8.8 Mustang Disc Brake Rearend

on my 8.8 I used and old brake rotor flange for a pattern. cut off the main part of the rotor so just the wheel mounting area left. I took it to a machinist buddy who drilled it for a chevy pattern between the ford pattern (5 lug) just 1/8 inch holes. you could do this yourself probably. then brought that home and bolted it up with the existing ford lugs over the existing ford rotor, like mounting a wheel. then drilled through the predrilled holes to mark the rotor, removed and drilled the original brake rotors on a drill press. do over again to mark the axles, which you have to hand drill while on the vehicle unless the diff is apart. then punch out the ford studs and drill the parts the proper size you need for the new studs. remember to allow a press fit on the new studs in the axle but a loose fit through the brake rotors. the pattern can hang on the wall or be kept with the truck in case you blow something up 100 miles from home. get studs with nuts and thread to match the front wheels.
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