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Re: Working Man's Burbon

The WMB got a second coat of Por15 and is ready for some scuffing and then putty. I used a Chemcar undercoating gun and their 360* spray wand. It was $88 with shipping and 2 wands. I got second wand as I didn't know how well they would clean up. Using the Por15 solvent they clean up well and I didn't need the second one. The wands came rolled up and would not stay straight. Maybe with some experimentation you could use some heat to straighten them. I experimented with some sugar water to get a feel for how well the gun would work. The wand sprays well, but the permanent curve meant that I had to use a piece of PVC pipe to hold it straight when needed. I wound tape around the wand so I would be able to tell when the tip was close to the hole. This kept me from having too many over spray issues. I had to put a second bit of tape on to allow me to use the wand in the PVC and know that the spray tip was just protruding.
Chemcar also sells a pressure pot version of this ($250) and if you were going to do this on a regular basis I think it would be worth it. There were times I struggled to hold the gun at the correct angle to get good flow to the wand.
Time for safety guy. This type of job poses many hazards which you need to make yourself familiar with. I used a respirator, safety glasses, a face mask, Tyvex suit, nitrol gloves taped to the sleeves, and a head sock. I found I needed to have extra gloves handy to put on over the first pair when they got torn on some sharp piece of sheet metal. I bought a disposable flashlight just for this.
The second photo is looking up into the void behind the taillights with the spray tip coming down from above via the hole where the hinge bolts are on a barn door rig. This was after the first coat. I had missed going down from the hinge holes. But it does show what got painted and what didn't.
The last photo. Is looking down into the void under the drivers side 2nd row roll down window it is hard to see in the photo (it is the best picture I could get.) But it is well covered in paint from end to end.
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Thanks to Bob and Jeanie and everyone else at Superior Performance for all their great help.
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