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All about them Ks

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Re: Here we go again... The Tumbleweed 69 K10 Shorty

Thanks Jamie and Dale, I’ve got a bunch more pictures to load today. Yesterday I took it by the shop and gave it a good cleaning with the heated power washer as well as vacuuming out the carpet and seat and cleaning the mouse nest from the glove box. I found several papers and receipts from the early 90’s in the glove box so I’m sure it’s been sitting for a long time, the most recent thing I found was from 2000. So the good on it all is I’m confident it’s a legit shortbed truck even though the spid is painted over. The cab mounts are all riveted to the frame, and I see zero evidence of a chop. I’m going to measure the thickness of the steel soon, that will tell the tale for sure as the shortbed and blazer frames are made of a thinner steel than the longbed frame is. The vin on the cab and title is a 4x4 vin. The cab has the rosettes and it matches the frame and title so it is legit there. Someone has swapped in atleast a square body 465 shifter maybe even the whole 465 as well as an Np205. I’m glad the Rockwell is gone honestly. The square body shifters have got to go I favor of 71/72 4x4 am 465 shifter and 205 shifter. I’m pretty confident it’s an original 4 speed truck looking at the steering column, clutch boot and clutch linkage. As I said before the cab panels are all original and in nice shape given there age. The frame looks good except for a few issues, as said before the front cross member is missing, and around the steering box has been repaired- I will be re doing this repair I believe with the ord kit I used on my K20. Also the outside And top of the rear frame rails have been plated. I’m kind of afraid to remove the plates and see why honestly. There’s no rust in the frame that I can see. It’s got 4 or 5 different colors showing different panels have been different colors they the years. The bed passenger door and fender are not original to the truck. The cab drivers door and fender are all showing medium green under a layer or two of other colors. The bed was originally 508 dark blue I believe. And that’s what I’m thinking I may repaint the whole truck. My great grandfather had a 508 truck that I’m thinking I may pay tribute to. My dad also had a 71 medium green K10 when I was a kid so maybe I’ll paint it medium green idk. As far as the cab metal goes all I’ve found major are dime size holes drilled in the roof for lights I assume, 1 hole on the outside of each A pillar for a light I assumed, and 2 holes knocked in the back of the cab mid way up on the passenger cab corner. This is why the lower passenger cab corner has a little rust thru. I’ll buy a corner and only replace the little bit that rusted thru, the weld the holes up in the upper cab corner, a pillars, and roof. As for the engine I’ll probably try to get It to run and see what up with it. I’ve got vortec 350 on a stand that needs a home too so I may go that route a little ways off in the future.
Immediate plans for now are:

Get that nasty carpet out and seal the cab up from all leaks
Thoroughly clean and Disinfect the interior
Change all fluids
See if the engine will run
Go thru the brakes- probably add hydraboost and hydraulic clutch like my K20 has
Replace the double cardan joint on the front drive shaft and install it

Once that’s done and it’s running and driving all gradually start making it into what I want it to be. Pictures to follow.
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