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Re: Question for the purists

when i bought my truck over 40 years ago for $100 it had already been standing joke was that it was a good thing i didnt buy it as a parts truck cause it didnt have any good ones...the seized 6 came out for a small block,the bone dry rear was replaced with a square body one,when the column froze up in the winter and wouldnt slide thru the neutral gate it got a floor shift,and when i found a muncie for the right price it became a 4 speed....i turned it into a tow truck and when it wouldnt stop it got a disc brake crossmember from a 75 suburban....back then when you upgraded something you did it with factory parts from a junkyard cause that was all that was available...its a hot rod, cause thats what i want...that being said, the only reason i can see to put in a phony spid is to fraudulently represent a vehicle as a more valuable highly optioned might as well swap the modify away but leave the paperwork legit...seems like at the auctions clones are going for serious money anyway
1970 short step c10 leaf spring 454
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