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Re: Question for the purists

I get what you are saying and agree with it, except there is more than one reason to "create" a SPID. In my case it would because I am a very detail oriented person and think it would be cool to "create" my own truck for myself and even have the SPID represent all what I have created. It will be my fantasy truck and IF I ever do end up selling, it will be to someone who digs what I did or someone willing to pay for what I've done only to invest more into putting it back to original. I don't have a deceitful bone in my body. I have retained the original glovebox door, have detailed documentation pictures from when I bought it showing it's originality, have all the original parts I have swapped to modify (suspension, diff/valve covers/air cleaner/manifolds/lock-out hubs) to offer when selling, or for me to install if I decide I want it back to original. I have sold the interior pieces, but would want fresh stuff when restoring anyway.

My '67 SWB C1500 project I am building from the ground-up using OEM parts from various years and both brands. It will appear as a '67 GMC Super Custom first. But, it's a '71 chassis/suspension, '72 cab, '68 327, 3.42s from a later model, and on. It will be a period correct hot truck that if sold would not be purchased for originality. The '65 Pontiac M22, louvered hood, roll & pleat interior, and a few other touches will likely draw a hot rod buyer, IF I ever sell, but it will be disclosed as what it is. Not thinking about a SPID on that because the whole vibe is "not original". That one I intend to be my last 67-72 SWB. Anything else I do will either be another 67-72 configuration or more likely an older machine
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