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Re: 1982 Shortbed 4x4

I miss my son being around, we were ALWAYS doing what you're doing. I still do but it's not near the fun it was. My son lives in Nashville now & I only get to see him a few times a yr. My daughter's son has NO interest in this kinda stuff, but 7 yr old grand daughter- She's gonna go for it I'm sure!
Wish you & your son well, enjoy this time it is like no other.
I told my wife not long ago that I didn't have anybody to hot rod with, coon hunt with, mud ride or shoot with & she needed to have another baby!
She plopped her hands on her hips & said "My Baby Havin Days Are OVER! If You Want Another Baby You Go Find Somebody Else To Have It For You!"
Guess it didn't hurt to ask...
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