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Re: 2002 2500hd cclb 6.0l gas 5 speed

Originally Posted by MalibuSSwagon View Post
Glad to hear you survived that! My worst fear when working under a vehicle.

The NH state DOT had a huge fleet of orange 2002-ish extended cab long bed 2wd 2500HD trucks with the 5 speed. Ordered as cheap as possible, full vinyl seats, etc. Can't remember if they had AC. I still see some of them around sometimes.

That's what the New Brunswick DOT did too, except we use road salt heavily in the winter so there aren't many left here. That's the first and only one I've seen in person, which is why I bought it. Saving up now for some good parts for swapping the engine and trans into my 84 C10. Looking at a holley ecu setup, as well as their retrofit fuel pumps. I'd also like to have the transmission rebuilt first, it was a little sketchy getting into 3rd and 5th sometimes. Never jumped out of gear though, just had to baby it into gear.
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