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New truck! 1999 4.8 V8 5 Speed Manual 4x4 ECSB

Hi Guys,

I recently stumbled across a pretty uncommon truck it had a horrible description on Facebook marketplace but I did see a manual transmission in the interior shot so I messaged them and they said it had a V8 it was cheap so I went to look at it and was both surprised at the condition but also the little things wrong were plentiful. I decided to buy it and start fixing it up as a nice driver. For 10 years I had one of these as a work truck and really liked them. Of course those didn't have a manual...

Walk around video...

So far I am loving it its exactly what I wanted with a V8 and a manual transmission and an extra cab so there is room for my son.

So far I have
put new tires on it slightly bigger being 265s
drained and refilled all fluids
fixed broken door handles
new power window switch
Fuel Filter
blend door actuator
center console lid
some other stuff I am probably forgetting...

Nothing is majorly wrong with it for having 165k miles

Major things are the A/C doesn't work and it doesn't seem to blow much air out of the vents in the dash (floor vents seem fine) I replaced the blend door actuator but I dont think that was the culprit I just need to dig into it more.

The clutch pedal has a lot of sponge in the first inch or so and I think the clutch master cylinder is on the way out or there is simply air in the line I bought a new clutch master cylinder but haven't got into it.

I will be using this thread to do some updates on the ownership of my truck and document fixing everything up and keeping it up on the road primarily on youtube.

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