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What color should I paint her?

I know the question is relative to each person, but I have been undecided on what color to paint my 72 GMC Jimmy. The interior will be black with maybe accent color of the exterior. The original color was Ochre but I'm not too keen on that color and not concerned about keeping original. I will be painting the top the same color as exterior. Here have been my top three but I'm still undecided:

1. Silver metalic
2. Orange (redish type such as Hugger)
3. White

I will be painting the vehicle...even though I'm not a professional, I have painted two vehicles in the past and will be painting in a professional paint booth with quality products. I'm doubting the silver because I'm told this is one of the most difficult to paint (i.e., tiger stripes).

What color do you like to see on a 1st Gen blazer/jimmy?
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