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Turbo 350 Transmission Don't Feel Shift 2 to 3

Hi guys/gals

I am no automatic transmission expert, (prefer a good ol' fashion 4 speed) but my 69/71 2WD 350/350 stock torque converter I imagine, 1/2 ton GMC is an automatic.

The problem is, if it can even be a problem, heck maybe this is normal, is that I don't feel the shift from 2nd gear to 3rd gear but watching the Tach I do see a quick drop in RPMs so it appears to be shifting.

So starting in D ie 1st gear I start from a dead stop and depending how hard I accelerate it will shift to 2nd gear anywhere between 1500 around 2100 RPM. But it seems to be going 1st... 2nd/3rd (2nd then 3rd that quick, shift shift)

instead of 1st... 2nd... 3rd...

When I shift gears manually I get all the gears so I know 3rd gear is there as are all the others, the shifter on the column works fine if that helps

I removed and inspected the governor and it appears to be in working order the weights expand freely.

I replaced the red stripe modulator with another red stripe one and tested it with a vacuum, though the original may have been just fine. I may have also turned it (the screw inside) both clockwise and counter clockwise to get more of a kick in the pants feel from shifts and no difference.

the kickdown cable is brand new and properly connected/adjusted (ie the free play) to the 1407 3028 Edelbrock carburetor.

Help me please
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