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Re: Turbo 350 Transmission Don't Feel Shift 2 to 3

That will just delay or shorten your shift. If you want a solid feel to the 2-3 shift, you can buy a reasonably cheap shift kit that will firm it right up. I used the cheapo B&M kit back in the '80s in a Chevy Vega I had, and it would chirp even going into 3rd. Having a GT engine and 3.36 axle helped a lot with that, I will admit. It was also a panel "truck", so no rear seat, just an extra storage compartment. Nice light little vehicle. Nobody but the DMV considers it a truck, but having panels instead of rear side windows forced me to have it weighed and to get commercial plates. 1/4T truck! I used to buy, fix and sell those critters. If I had known beforehand, I'd have popped in some glass from a wagon in my batch of Vegas as a temporary measure.
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