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Stan's Build Thread

I bought my first blue 69 C10 around 2000 or so for $1100. It was pretty rough, and hard to drive. No power steering nor brakes, and a converted three speed manual stick through a hole punched through the floor. On the plus side, it had a good running 89 350 in it. I have not been able to find any pictures of this, although the bed is on the tan truck in the second picture below.

In 2005 I bought the second tan 69 C10 for $500. (First picture below) This one was originally equipped with PS, PB and TB350. The 350 engine was shot and so was the tranny, and almost nothing worked, no heat or defrost, no brakes, no weatherstrip, leaky gas tank etc. To this truck I added the engine and bed from the first C10 (second picture), and bought a 700R4 from Bowtie Overdrives. I also tossed the drum brakes and added disks to the front along with 31x10.5x15 tires. This truck is mechanically pretty decent, great running engine, and great tranny. But there is lots that still doesn't work on the interior. This is the truck in the second picture.

Which leads to the third truck which I bought a couple weeks ago, this one a dark yellow 71 C20 which I also paid $500 for. This one is a well maintained original owner truck, which the owner tells me was a Camper Special, although there are no emblems for it. The only drawback with this truck is that it has been sitting for 15 years. It has a rebuilt 71 350 in it that only has about 10 miles on it.

I am currently working on getting the engine started, having changed the oil, and squirted Marvel Mystery Oil into the cylinders, and oil primed the engine using an oil priming shaft from AutoZone. It turns over by hand just fine, having spun it with a ratchet around 10 times.

The first attempt to crank it over resulted in the starter solenoid clicking, but no turning. I cleaned the ground cable, still no go. Pulling the starter revealed a cracked solenoid housing. Currently waiting on the first of the month to get a new starter. After reviewing the forums, I'm going to go with a mini-starter, although I'm not sure which brand yet.

After getting it started, I plan to go through the whole mechanical and electrical system and fix anything that doesn't work. I am hopeful that as the second owner of this truck, most everything will either work, or be fixable without too much effort to bring it back to a decently running and complete original truck.

Things I do know I'll need to do are the brakes, which currently don't work, and fix some rust holes on the cab roof and between the drip edge and windshield. After reading the forums, I'm going to try and put 285/75x16s on it with new wheels.

Gotta love these trucks. People are always stopping to comment on or offer to buy mine, and that's the one with the mismatched bed / cab that nothing works on.

Just as a side note, I also have a 69 Firebird with a 455, which I included a picture of too. I hope that is not blasphemy!
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