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Halfbreed - GMC Z71 + IH Extd Cab

Hi all. Here is my obscure project in case some of you want to follow along. I hope you forgive me for what I did to the 96 GMC Extnd Cab Z71 2WD.

To start off with - here's the concept. I am transplanting the bodies off of a '67 IH Pickup and a '68 IH Travelall onto the rolling/running chassis of a '96 GMC truck. This is a picture of the dream.

Edit: And another shot as of 8/14/10 w/ 4 doors.

Edit: And the goal for wheels/lowering/nose job & fender mods.
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Balls and a Sawzall
Project Halfbreed
Porsche 944 L67V6 CARB Legal & Other Stuff

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