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Warning - the following images may be disturbing to gm truck fans

Over the last week I went from thinking I was never going to use any of the GMC body metal on my project, to thinking it wouldn't hurt to keep the floor pan and firewall, to wanting to use the firewall, to now I'm getting more interested in using the floorpan. So I decided that I would proceed with cutting up the GMC as if I will use the floorpan and that way I have all my options open.

So for the third time I proceeded to destroy a perfectly fine looking bunch of sheet metal.

First I cut out the roof inner liner. I may end up grafting this into the IH in order to provide a nice attachment point for a dome light and an overhead console.....someday.

Then I took out the windshield and frame. It wasn't exactly pretty but I got it done and learned more than I wanted to know about the inner structural supports of the cab of the GMC.
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