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Re: 68 K20 GMC/Chevy

No pictures but I actually went up to Marks to bring the truck home today. No more trips to Livrats for awhile =)

My son came with me and he drove the truck for me. My daily driver Scion is a company car which I'm allowed to drive anytime, but I think the boss would frown on me letting anyone else get behind the wheel.

We stopped at a buddy's house on the way home to show him my new treasure, did I mention the truck was full of bedsides? He liked the truck but was really interested in the load of bedsides. Want to get rid of any of these? Well I have a nice complete 67 box and a nice complete 69 box at home so letting my friend have a couple of bedsides was no problem for me. He would just give me something in trade down the road.

I didn't have time to unload them and let him check them all out to pick the ones he liked, so I just left the truck at his house and he would go through them sometime this week. I have yet to drive my new truck lol. I can wait another week to get her home. Im anxious to give it a good overall bath and clean up.

I did decide a couple of things though today on the trip back. I watched the truck in my rear view mirror for part of the drive and then had my son drive in front of me the rest of the way.

Im for sure going to go with a Chevy grill now, 68 style. And Im pretty sure Im going to lose the side trim. Even though its my favorite style I think I want to go with the more simple look. And Im going to (eventually) lower it a bit. It has a nice four inch lift, all springs right now. I want to go down to a 2.5 lift. And Im for sure going with a 33 inch tire vs the 35's that are on it now. Overall though Im really happy with the truck. I like the fact it has a big block and auto trans. Its going to be fun making it mine after close to 30 years of it being Marks. Well unless Im out driving it around and someone offers me stupid money for it hahahahaha!

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