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Re: Stress relief coils in brake lines?

Originally Posted by lolife99 View Post
I prefer to clean look of well run lines. I see no need for the coils.
If it was a line that was constantly be connected and disconnected I would understand the need.
To me it's like adding coils at the wheel cylinders or any other connection for that point.
It's because there is relative motion between the cab and frame during use.

The cab is mounted on the body mounts with the master cylinder hard mounted to the cab; the brake lines are hard mounted to the chassis. The cab will move between a quarter and a half inch due to jounce or twist.

Something's gotta give.

No relative motion between the wheel cylinders and the axle tube, which is why the brake lines can be hard mounted to the tubes (the suspension travel is taken up in the center with the rubber hose).

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