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Danny Boy is BAACK! w/ '55 Big Window

Ok you guys, I posted last week about a non-running LWB '56 in the local mountains. Endd up passing buuut...

Tonight I bought a running '55 SWB w/ NEAR zero rust for $4800. Tell me how I did:


Truck was on non-op and supposedly garaged until last 6 months since 1991.
Prior (original!) owner had rebuilt the engine in '89 - 283 w/ 327 camel hump heads and mild cam, headers, 350TH trans and 10 bolt rearend.

Recently brought back to life w/ a rebuilt carb (Holley on Holley intake). I will immediately change all fluids, filters, belts, hoses of course.

Comes w/ new rear taillights, spare big rear window, rear window rubber, all chrome emblems are usable and with truck. Windows roll up and down freely. All electrical works including wipers and heater. Truck has 15x8 slotted mags I will sell later. I have 15x7 original Torque Thrusts for it. Bed and tailgate are arrow straight incredibly.

The BAD:

After claiming it had ZERO rust-through, I found a small - maybe 1-2" diameter rust through on passenger side kick panel with lots of dirt/leaves behind it & pass side cab corner has clearly been Bondo'd over and is now cracking. Driver door front corner is holed-through about 1/2". Yeah, I know, whatever you see there's 3x more you don't see...if you're lucky!
Poked everywhere else with knife and screwdriver - nothing. Floors are solid, above windshield, over headlights, rain gutters. Has a MASSIVE rear diamond plate bumper. A thin metal plate is tacked down over the original wood bed but it appears to be all there from below.

Pic's coming tomorrow when I pick it up.
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