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Re: Where's the 3/4 ton love?

Originally Posted by cru_zn_29 View Post
I picked up this original 65 C20 37000 mi. 327 4 SPEED I drove 427 miles home it felt like driving a new truck. PO had truck repainted in the early 80s very bad prep that allowed water between paint and r/f pillar causing rust. I have replaced pillar and rocker and now a new coat of paint. The gold 66 is my daily driver.
I remember that one from CL. You barely beat me to it. I had contacted the seller and got some very poor pics. I saw the bad pillar/rocker and was concerned the rust might be more involved. A local board member was cool and checked it out for me, took some better pics, and I was making transport plans when apparently YOU bought it. I guess he who snoozes, loses.
It looks great, Lets see more pics! Go ahead, rub it in!
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