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Re: Plasti Dipped the '67

Originally Posted by long'n low View Post
I have a couple of questions for you,
how is the finish? smooth or slightly textured? and does it clean well?
The finish depends on how it is applied. This was my first time using it, and also keep in mind that it is a matte finish. So yes, it does have a slight texture to it, more so than a factory orange peel paint job. However, it still has a smooth feel. But with practice, heavier coats, and using a Dip gloss clear over top, one is supposed to be able to achieve a very smooth finish.

Clean-ability also depends on the finish, as well as the color. A matte finish, just like a matte paint, will tend to be a bit harder to clean. This is usually only noticeable on really bright colors though, like white. This silver is a fairly mid-tone color, and I have yet to have something that didn't come off with a basic washing. For matte white, the community seems to say that it is a bit more susceptible to staining, and recommends a Plasti Dip satin or gloss clear coat to ensure easy removal of contaminants.
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