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Re: Whats The Best Wax Really?

Well...since I'm having trouble locating Liquid Glass online and around town....I'm testing a few. Klasse AIO + Klasse Graze & Sealant, JetSeal, and Finish First. My beautiful bride of 20+ years has graciously lent her Cadillac SRX for the testing.

Today I washed, clay barred, and Meguire polished the car..stripping off whatever was on there already.

I followed the instructions for all the products. Now just have to see how long the shine and luster hold up.

Initial impressions...

1. The clay bar and Meguire polish really cleaned up the car. I did have to use a stronger compound on a few stubborn spots.

2. Klasse AIO went on and came off great...not a super "slick" feel to it..but better than just the Meguire's

3. Finish First feels a lot like Liquid Glass (even the cans are similar as are all the ingredients)

4. JetSeal had the "slickest" feel of them all'll try to remember to post again after a wash
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