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Re: Just bought lowered 1990 Suburban

Willowrun - I checked underneath the rear and it has not been C-notched. Looks like an axle flip kit. Maybe about 3 inches of travel between the frame and the axle.

Overall I am happy with the new Suburban. The body is incredibly straight and the interior is clean. Has several little issues I need to address. First issue, which I fixed tonight, was electrical stuff. Needed a new battery (sitting since 2015) and one new battery terminal. Needed new marker light bulbs, tail light bulbs, and flasher module.

Needs the fuel sending unit replaced, some dash lights replaced, heater core replaced (has been bi-passed), and possibly some front end work. Front end feels sloppy over bumps and grooves in the road.

Has an aftermarket alarm I plan to rip out and a bunch of under the dash wiring that needs to be cleaned up and tracked down.

Also, couple of the door locks aren't working and the passenger side windows aren't rolling down. Maybe the master switch?

The door handle on the barn doors needs to be replaced.

So in summary a lot of little nagging issues need to be addressed. It seems to run good and the trans shifts fine.

It has a ton of factory options after reviewing the SPID. 350, 700R4 and 373 rear end. Tow package, interior upgrade package with the bucket front seats, center console on the floor and overhead, front and rear AC, and several other things.

I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.
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