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Re: C10 Goldilocks

Originally Posted by cooperhw View Post
I am in for the duration on this build. Looks awesome. Wish I had the coin to spare to buy that PB stuff. Top shelf for sure.
Keep up the good work.
When I talked to the powdercoater he originally wanted me to drill a few "drain holes" in the welded up pipes incase the welds weren't good enough. He almost **** when I brought in all the parts because they looked so good. Needless to say I didn't drill any holes

Originally Posted by hewittca View Post
Frame looks great. I really like the "astronaut" photo.

My son has been wanting me to build him a picnic table for a little while. I keep getting sidetracked and haven't built it yet, but I may have to copy your table/sand box idea. That's really cool!
The table cost me about $90 or so bucks in lumber and about half a day to whip together, then paint another day.

Here are the plans I loosely went off of.
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