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Re: C10 Goldilocks

Saturday night was a success. Didn't put the gas tank back in yet but that's just a few bolts, same thing goes for the rear brace and shocks. I'm going to be pulling the rear end out to clean it up so I didn't want to do too much extra work just to work backwards.

Next up is getting the gas, brake and air lines down the frame. I have the AZ Pro EFI kit hopefully shipping soon - I would like to have it for next weekend.

Progress from last night. Had it done in 5.5 hours, which included a trip to autzone to rent a ball joint press and a stop at Wendys to fuel the crew. Not too shabby.

Today is the days in New England you long for. When spring finally hits the air and you just wanna spend the the whole day outside. Everyone else had their hotrods out and about so I wanted to play too so I dragged it outside and zipped the bumper on quick.

I just love how the yellow zinc bolts look against a beautiful gloss black frame. Can't beat it. Makes me wanna do my diff cover using the same bolts, or do a gold powdercoated cover with black bolts. hmm..

Hoping to hear back from the upholster this week.

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