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Re: Just bought a 1965 C30...

Originally Posted by Captainfab View Post
I would suggest installing the 454 and NV4500 now. The engine and trans will need to be moved forward. If you get a factory NV4500 bellhousing for whatever year the trans is and then convert to a hydraulic clutch, that will be the simplest. You will need to remove the original bellhousing crossmember and install a rear trans mount. That is what I will be doing with my '66 C30. I do make the hydraulic clutch conversions for the '63-'66 trucks.
I do have a bellhousing on it, but I'm pretty sure it is an older one?

Are you stating that the engine will need to be moved forward no matter what? If so, due to firewall clearance? I've seen mixed information of whether it is a "bolt in swap" using the existing small block motor mounts, or whether firewall mods are needed.

Would the hydraulic clutch just be needed if the engine is moved forward? Could I just relocate the clutch linkage bracket on the frame to stay with the manual clutch? ...or would the geometry be too skewed? Would you have a link for the clutch kit mod you mentioned?

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