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Re: Dug's 1959 Fleetside

Thanks guys....I thought I was done for the day after the last post but got a second wind and decided to try the heat gun on the undercoating before I read your responses. As it turns out, I had already removed most of the stuff I was concerned about when I replace the corners, step and floor pan. The remaining undercoating was not that bad to remove. Was a bit messy but it's done!!

Tipping it onto the firewall went quite well. Used the engine lift to raise the back of the cab about 10 inches. Left the front of the cab steps sitting on 4x4's. Once I got it into position, I rolled it over manually by myself. Ended up pretty stable.
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I revisited the roof when the cab was on its' firewall. Yikes! It's worse than I remember and I remember it being bad. Previous body man banged it out and drilled a few holes to pull it out....and still wasn't successful. I'll start shopping for a new roof panel.
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All loaded up on our disposable trailer. Don't want it to "tump" over as we say here in the south so I used 7 straps. Headed to blaster tomorrow. He may be able to simply roll it forward like I did to get all the blasting done and not even remove it from the trailer.
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Man, I forgot what it was like to have an open garage. Hopefully not for long.
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