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Re: Dug's 1959 Fleetside

Originally Posted by dsraven View Post
looks like you are making some good progress there Doug. what are you gonna do with all that room in the shop till your cab comes back, sort parts? daydream of doing that roof replacement?
looks good.
I may just lie down in the middle of garage and try to talk myself into trying to hammer and dolly the roof back into a shape close enough to match the the other dents in the truck (or at least within a skim coat of filler). Spending nearly $500 for a new roof panel kind of goes against my theme of doing this on the cheap!!!...or maybe I weld the holes closed and leave it like it is and explain to lookers on that "it's a look that everyone is trying to achieve now". Now that I think about it, I do have a little cut and buff work to do on the Honda TL230 decals. I'm entering it in a motorcycle show on Dauphin Island (small island south of Mobile) in a couple of weeks to see how the motorcycle people live life.
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