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Re: Dug's 1959 Fleetside

Made some headway on the bumper brackets. Before cutting the welds I made when I set up the bumper when the body was in place, I drilled pilot holes to index the brackets to the frame. Drilled the big holes in the brackets using my drill press and the final holes in the frame using my cordless. Frame tube is much lighter than the plate steel I used for the brackets. My new Drill Doctor is keeping the bits sharp which really helps with my lack of patience when it comes to drilling large holes.

Note that the vertical portion of the bracket is really close to the big sway bar. I had to grind out a rounded section to give my self about 3/8" clearance which can kind of be seen in the third photo below.
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Nuts setup for welding. The top one in the horizontal position is the front core support body mount. Took this opportunity to weld it to the frame as well. Used all three bolts to position the bumper bracket then removed the front lower one before welding so I could get the welder down inside the frame tube to tack the back bolt.
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Nuts tacked into place.
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The entire picture with the core support still up on 4x4's.
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