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Re: N203 Slop

Originally Posted by B. W. View Post
Andy is "yankin' your chain!" (pun intended) If you remove a link (difficult on a hy-vo chain) your chain will be too short to re-install.
That's partially true. You only remove "Half" a link.
Tutorial- 1st remover the front output assy & the rear support for same. The chain will be hanging down. Next grind of two of the brads (Next to each other) that hold the links together & push them out & that link assy will fall out. It will come out in a bunch of pieces, Next take the outside links & shorten them in half. When you re assemble the chain you are only gonna use half of what came out. Re-insert the brads (I think only one brad is used now that I think about it) that hold the links together & you apply a little brass on the ends to keep it from coming apart. When re-assembling you will need some stout line up bars to pull the output & rear support back into their respective bores, it aint easy.
Now, this procedure won't work on a chain that's in good condition, it REALLY has to be wore out & slipping all the time to use this. I can assure you I'm not yanking your chain (Pun Inteneded???)
Back when NP203s were as common as np241s are now this was a regular weekend deal for trucks, but that HAS been a long time ago!

PS- adis a problem for you using this tutorial is that you have a DN kit in your case & the chain is not used unless in 4wd. So you can't really tell how much stretch your chain has unless you go back to full time 4wd & see. But you never forget the NP203 chain pop sound!
Your 03 has a differential in it just like in the front & rear axles, it's just turned sideways 90 degrees. It "Differentiates" between the front & rear axle. Just like the third diff in an 18 wheeler set of drive thru tandems work (Called the Power Divider) The DN kits had a, for lack of better terms looked like some diff spider gears all welded together that replaced the 203 spiders in the diff. They wouldn't rotate & the kit did away with the full time feature & let you select a "Lock" position for 4wd, can't remember if the 2wd mode was the old neutral or what now. That big housing on the output of you 03 is where the diff is located. Sorry if all this is confusing, I'm not a good orator...

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