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Re: Intro from an old Assembly Plant guy

Ah, more GM'rs coming clean.
I started at Clark Street in '85 building B/C cars, did a stint in Olds Service at Lansing, then moved to Warren for LAD / Small Car Planning, then Reliability and Test. Finally escaped to Manufacturing, launched the 92 Alero, was loaned to Saturn for the Vue, then back to GM and became a Product DE. I'm now over in AVDC doing Exteriors. It's been a wild ride!

I've owned some of your stuff including 81, 82, 87 trucks, a pair of GMT400's (including a 454SS and a W/T strippo) and currently look out the window at my 146K 99 GMT800. I report NO issues with the air box other than a heck of a time chaning the filter!
Welcome and thanks for sharing!
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