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Re: Intro from an old Assembly Plant guy

Originally Posted by 87 STEPPER View Post

BTW do you have and plant pic's of these trucks on the line and finished units sitting in the GM lot ? if so it would be really kool to see 'em.

Originally Posted by Driveway Dreams View Post
I too would like to see production line pictures! You may have seen mine built too. I got one of the lovely mint green Forest Service units.
Originally Posted by 3r!c84 View Post
wow what a job!....=]
do you have any pics of the line of trucks being built?
I don't personally have any photos, because as you know GM does not allow personal cameras on property. I may have some I scammed from the internet and as I find them I'll post 'em up.

Re: Mint green - I remember we used to build fleet orders in some nasty colors. Grand Trunk Railroad had an outrageous bright orange/yellow (lot's of crew cabs in those) but the worst was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They ordered Suburbans in a Red/Purple-Blue two tone combination...

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