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2003 head issue

I've waited a while before posting to make sure i wasn't jumping the gun, I've had the dreaded coolant leak into the oil for a few years now and my way of dealing with it was to frequently change the oil. months ago I put in the ac delco coolant seal tabs and to my surprise I didn't lose any coolant for months and let it go a while longer and still no coolant loss. So considering that I also had a bad engine tick i removed the valve covers and witnessed a terrible mass of gunk all over everything I cleaned it out and replaced the badly worn push rods and after putting it back together no ticks the oil pressure gauge is extremely responsive to the throttle and still no coolant loss. i might have saved my baby. I have the casteck 706 heads and 100% think I have the bad ones I was concerned about the tablets but I mixed them up in water before I put them in and It looked rather benign to me so i put 4 tabs in and my heat still works so It didn't screw up the heater core yet.
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