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Re: 2003 head issue

Originally Posted by 68Gold/white View Post
My 2005 has the 706 heads...I'll be praying I have no problems...
I helped my buddy pick this pickup out on the lot when it was new. It has been fairly well maintained. He commuted about 30 miles (one way) daily. He retired about 4 years ago. He and I have had conversations, me telling him I'd buy it whenever that day came. His health is not good and he is not allowed to drive any more. I am relieved and excited to finally own it! It has 105,000 miles on it.

I am a novice at LS engine stuff. Ask me about the old school stuff or a Pontiac, I'm in there...LOL

Are there different numbers heads that can be used to replace the 706's? or does one have to just look for good 706's?

I'll likely look for a set of good used heads from a salvage. for potential future use, even though I don't plan to use them!
The identical head for the 706 is the 862 head . It was made at a different place and does not have the problems the 706 head does . My brother had the problem with the 706 and we put the 862 heads on with no problems .

If looking for a upgrade . Get some 799 or 243 heads . This is what most all 5.3 truck motors are coming with now . They flow better .
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