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Re: 2003 head issue

Originally Posted by homemade87 View Post
The identical head for the 706 is the 862 head . It was made at a different place and does not have the problems the 706 head does . My brother had the problem with the 706 and we put the 862 heads on with no problems .

If looking for a upgrade . Get some 799 or 243 heads . This is what most all 5.3 truck motors are coming with now . They flow better .
Many thanks!!!
If you found a set of 706 heads, relatively cheap, and the showed no signs of being cracked (no milkshake under the valve covers). Would you buy them, or avoid them like the plague???

My pickup is a short wide bed 2WD, has the 3.73 gears with the tow package. Has the 4 speed automatic. Has AC, PS, PB, AM/FM/CD radio. No electric windows, locks or seats.
It runs like a scalded dog!!! I'm not a novice as to what a well performing vehicle performs like. My buddy ran it down the track once, it went like a 15.80. That may not be a hot rod car number, but ain't bad for a pickup.
Thanks, Again!!!
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