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Re: 2003 head issue

Originally Posted by homemade87 View Post
I don't know what percentage of them fail , but not all of them fail . If you do get another set be sure to have them pressure tested . Just looking at them can not detect a small crack or leak . If it were me I would look for the 862 first . If you can not find them have the 706 checked out before you set them in the corner of the shop for 2 years and when its time to use them you find out there are no good .
Thanks again!
I talked to my buddies son, he's 27 and a certified GM mechanic, He opened his own shop 2 years ago, got tired of the dealership deal.
He told me I can test the heads on my pickup now by removing the rocker arms and pressuring up the cooling system to 15-20 lbs for 1-2 hours. He said it's not a crack that I'm necessarily looking, for it's porousness in the metal. Specifically usually around the head bolt bosses usually in the center of the head. He told me I would EASILY see coolant coming through the metal IF there's a problem with a head.
He replaced a lot of heads at the dealer, when he worked there. He has installed 243's, replacing 706's a couple of times...

I bought the 2 heads, they were cheap. Will find a shop that can pressure check them soon!!!
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