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Re: 6.0 swap into 1990 RCSB

Originally Posted by hatzie View Post
Since you have the whole donor why not stick with the GM PCM?
A little more time but no parts in the system to fail after they are obsolete when you can't source them easily in a salvage yard.
There are a lot of guys tuning them.
Supposedly you can tune them with TunerPro if you don't want to pay for HP Tuners or something similar.

If you're using the 6.0 with a manual transmission or an old school automatic you can program the PCM to a stock GM flash image with an MDI or Tech 2 and AC Delco TIS single VIN subscription using a manual transmission VIN. Delco doesn't have to know the whole story nor should they.
Once you have the stock GM program in the PCM as a baseline you can save that baseline stock flash image to your laptop hard drive or a thumb drive with your tuning package and modify it knowing you can always go back to bone stock if needed.

1GCHC23U22F172096 is a 2002 2wd crew cab 2500HD 6.0 Manual Transmission DPW fleet truck VIN from a truck that was long ago recycled.
Hatzie.. Thanks for the info, all really good points. I do not want to go through the hassle of getting ECM flashed and the truck to a shop and having to spend a lot of extra money for getting it properly tuned. I have read great things about the Holley . I would rather spend the money and get a new system. I do not want the OEM harness either. This was a far truck and sat outside its whole life and probably not in the best condition internally.
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