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Re: Francis the Tow Pig - 1949 GMC 250 Dually

Yesterday was a freebie day in the shop. The company I work for gives you the day off for your birthday. Win/Win.

I didn't really have a direction in mind, but needed to keep pushing forward. So, I finished up the brake lines, hung the front sheet metal, mounted the radiator, mounted the fan, and fab'd up a bracket to attach the tranny cooler.

The guy that is going to build my wrecker bed, hasn't even started on the CAD drawing yet, so I'm going to go out on a limb and plan on building a custom flat bed myself. Not happy about this, but I also want to get this truck completed.

Hopefully my engine/trans harness will be completed soon, then I will get started on knocking out all of the wiring.

My new body mount bolts showed up, along with the fittings to build the power steering pressure hose, so I should have that part of the job wrapped up tonight.

There is 6" from the ground to the rear part of the front fender, lower than I expected!

The view I was rewarded with after a long day!

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