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Re: Cummins swap, I know there is a search button but the info is burried in many thr

Originally Posted by randy500 View Post
New question dieselwrencher....or if anyone else knows, chime in...
I'm looking at a 2017 6.7 engine, the engine mounts appear to be different, maybe 2 per side, can you fit the 95 mounts/brackets to the newer engine?

and thoughts on wiring the 2017 up? I would think its not much different than any common rail, some battery inputs, key on, start input and some grounds...
No, the 95 mounts will not work on the CR blocks. I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure the blocks changed on the '14 up 6.7s. Call Auto World and ask Dawna or Ken on the matter. The wiring can be done I'm sure. But, will you be getting any of the emissions equipment with the engine? Is there black boxes tied in to the new ones? I have heard that is an issue but I have no experience putting any of the newer 6.7s into anything else. I did an 07 6.7 in a Ford for a guy in Illilnois 3 years ago but the newer '14 up stuff I can't really help much on. Generally no one wants to spend that much on a donor engine for a conversion. Around here anyway.
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