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Re: '69K10, Build/Help

thanks for the assistance

I made a 3/16" washer that fits nicely under that perch, will do for the motor mounts I'm sure.

engine bay needs to be de-greased and washed out real badly, but I don't have any water in my shop in the winter and I can't pull truck out and and get back inside by myself so no painting this go around.

I intend to re-wire in a year or two and will probably pull motor out then and give engine bay a good paint.

Issue for today is that the Flowtech ram horn manifolds I bought came with manifold studs that are way too short, almost 2 "!! I got with them and they asked me to send pictures of the manifold and studs. Said someone must have changed the casting where it mounts. huh. either way I cannot find 4" manifold studs so I'm pretty stuck on this point. I'd really like to mount the manifolds before dropping the motor in but I am super itchy to go ahead and get it in the truck.

Do anyone know of a good shorty header for SBC and K10?

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