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Re: '69K10, Build/Help

some progress, the usual 2 steps forward 1 step backwards.

Motor is in truck which is great but the ramhorns have to go. The drivers side leaves no room for the collector connection. There is much less room than it looks like in the picture. I'll need to find something with an angled or rear connection.

I test fitted carb and ran and marked all the plug wires before I lifted motor up. I'd like to leave the lift hooked to the motor until the trans is installed, so the carb and hei top have to wait for it to go. I put some blocks under the oil pan but it just seems unsafe until the trans and trans crossmember are installed.

I'm also just about ready to do away with the supplied valve covers. I can't find a 15/16" breather and even if I use breathable oil fill caps, I'd have to plug that hole and that seems poor. Also, I want some decent plug wire routing kits and they all seem to bolt to the edge bolts of the valve cover, except mine are center bolt.
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