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Re: Hatzies 2005 2500HD

Originally Posted by hatzie View Post
This is not something I want to tackle til April or May... with only @ 87,000 miles on the clock it's not super pressing to get it done when I'd be working on cold hard concrete at 0to16F in the unheated barn.

There are a couple pump housing replacements that are supposed to eliminate this issue on the NP263HD. I'm leaning toward the Merchant Automotive pump housing. I'm going to reseal the whole case while it's apart including the internal o-rings like the oil pump pickup tube o-ring. A lot of the howto videos make me cringe when I see them re-installing the oil pump pickup with the old o-ring.
I used the same Merchant Auto kit on my replacement tcase and it was painless. I bought everything from them as a kit.The hardest part was pulling and installing the TCase while as you said, on the cold concrete. I spent some time getting all of the original RTV out of the case along with the sludge build up around the filter area.
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