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Re: '64 chevy 2wd to 4wd

snow, or more so the cold has been causing me nothing but grief on my '90 stepper Dale. doors keep freezing shut, pulled the weatherstrip off a couple times, tried getting the canopy lid open and the drivers handle snapped in half, then it bagged my starter, had to walk a couple miles home in -10 windchill....
so i said the hay with it, parked it, & re-insured the crewcab yesterday. half to use 4 hi a lot, in 2wd the locker keeps kickin' it sideways
and i got 3 teeth done, 6 left. dentist fixed the half broken one, ripped out the nerves & re-capped it, and root canaled 2 others, shoved them back up, and fixed the chips on them. need 3 implants, their next. got held up cause a 3d scan showed up a fracture in my jaw where the teeth broke below the gum line . so thursday she jammed a screw in there & shot in some silicone, cement, mastic, whatever it was...give it some time, then she will try doing the implants.....woo-hoo, 2 more root canals coming up.. in 3 visits she has jammed me with a needle 23 times!, but thats my fault, i told her i WANT "gentle dental"....
and have got a couple things done on the camper, just making axles for the truck
furnace and fridge vents are on, lites, ladder, and the glass is in, it's just clean at the moment, hard to
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