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Re: 4X4 Action Pix

Let me add a bit more to this thread.

I just did a 1800 mile road trip again to the same event as posted above. It is ITTC, or Idaho Tuff Truck Comp in Mountain Home ID. This yr the plan was to use a different burb for the comp. I just do it for fun, it actually is a fun, yet serious 4x4 comp. There are different tire classes. My bud and I don't have built rigs to compete in but one of the guys involved invited us to just rally some stock rigs for fun.

So the burb I was going to swap a motor into, was just going to take to much time to put in so I was able to use the same rig as last yr.
So the events are.
Rti ramp
Sled pull
Mud drag
Obstacle course
Rock Course
So we were there just for fun so they let us do things differently. They made us go last at every event.

I drove a 03 1500 Burb 4x4 and the other guy was in a 4wd Trailblazer. They were pretty hammered from last yr but they mechanically "worked".
I scored low at the rti ramp with open diffs and stock suspension . Kyle in the trailblazer nearly rolled but backed down in time. Bastard welded up the rear diff.

So for the sled pull we started our shenanigans! I pulled up to the sled facing it and the trailblazer backed in behind me. Last yr we both barely made it 20ft. This yr, full pull. He let off at the end but I kept going in reverse for a bit and slammed him a bit. I think it was a fast time too.

Obstacle course was the best. Last yr after our solo runs, we begged to let us go side by side in the dirt bike course. We got shut down last yr but got the green light for this yr! We started at the line, but some confusion happened at the start and he got a early jump on me. As I was heading down the first stretch I knew something was wrong, no 4th in low. I was bouncing off the rev limiter most of the time. I might have caught him quicker. In the end he over shot a jump and it allowed a pass. I did a donut waiting for him but I got the W. At the end we played a quick game of tag with the rigs.

Mud pit. I have/had some decent tread mudders and the trailblazer was on stock bald tires. I took the W there and we played bumper cars after words for a sec.

The Rock Course. Basically, I rammed him up into the course until I blew the radiator and tried to go around to ram him from the side, but got stuck along side and called it quits.

What a blast.
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