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Re: Pearl vs Metallic questions

Brian and Footstomper, thanks so much for the help! I watched the video - (very helpful to see) and will read and re read what you posted Brian. I was trying to figure out how to assemble it all first and be able to paint the moving panels like the hood, doors and tailgate since they have multiple sides to paint. I guess for the most part the panels that have wide surfaces are the crucial ones to shoot while installed vs hanging. What I mean by that for example is painting the wrapped portion of the door skin that is seen from the interior. I could paint the door while hanging loose by its final orientation first but only on those wrapping points and waiting to shoot the front part when assembled. There is much for me to learn. Thanks for helping!

Here are a few pics of the 1966 c10 paint codes that I gave to PPG. I painted then last two bands to the right.The darkest band is the saddle poly metallic 555, the top portion is the off white solid 526,and the one on the edge of the panel is the Fawn poly. I had the glove box which has the original fawn color on it although with age I dont know how accurate it is to the original color. I could have them just do a paint match I guess. This just sparkles more,of course the gloss clear coat I have on it isnt helping. I suppose its needing to have a matte finish. Anyway here are some pics with different lighting.

First the lighting in the garage.
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Progress thread for my 66
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