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Re: Block sanding. How am I doing?

Well reprimed with epoxy then 2 good coats of 2k high build and started sanding away...first with 220 then 320.. I did sand down to the epoxy is a couple of places but not metal....I stayed away from the edges as best I could and used really light pressure.

I also found a couple of pin holes while sanding and spread some glazing putty then continued to sand.

Before I primed everything I ran water over the pieces and washed them to get all the sanding dust off. I did not notice any glaring areas that looked funny ...kinda simulating the gloss.

So now that Im down to I need to put more 2k on the areas that went to the epoxy?

Im planning on sanding with 400 then 600 before color. My truck was originally 521 white and I will be going back with the original color.

I really do appreciate all the help.
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